Why a Pet Sitter

Why choose a Professional Pet Sitter Over Boarding at a Kennel?

Here are some things to consider…

My prices are comparable, often less than many kennels. While in my care your pet will receive my undivided attention. If you consider that the service I provide is one on one, my prices are very reasonable.

When you leave, your pet's routine has changed, that can cause stress and anxiety. To keep the stress to a minimum, it is always best to keep things as “normal” as possible. Your pet will be most comfortable at home, in familiar surroundings.

You are able to avoid the drama of dropping your pet off at a kennel before you leave. You get to avoid the hassle of having to pick up your pet when you get home.

When you return home your pet is already there waiting for you.

Can you think of a nicer way to come home!

Of course there is the added benefit of home security. An empty house, is a target.
Activity in your home is the best way to protect your home you're your property.

For the record, I would like to clarify there is nothing wrong with using a kennel,
it is a personal choice. For me, I will always be more comfortable knowing that my pets
are at home with someone I trust. If you do decide to use a kennel please make sure it is reputable, licensed, clean, and their insurance is up to date.

Your pets well being is always what is most important, whatever you choose.